The 'Out of the Box' a box solution to your needs

As an equipment technician, time is money! How often does a problem occur when you're not there to evaluate it? Are you experiencing recurring problems with your machinery? Why waste time and money waiting on location for something to happen?

Connect and GO

Remote Sensing


Real-Time Analytics

Data History Storage



There is a solution...eTech!

Connect your equipment to an eTech System and you can monitor and diagnose problems without being 'on-site'.

With an eTech System connected to your equipment, you can scroll back through time to to view what occurred and use the information to diagnose the problem...remotely!

Knowledge is Power!

Take the guesswork out of techincal diagnostiics and empower yourself with the eTech System.

The eTech System runs on the proven and effective MobileStar Solution for remote monitoring of equipment.

Connect an Etech System, open up your browser and take advantage of this powerful tool. The System provides you with valuable diagnostics information to keep track of what happens with your connected the past.